How do you know whether your coaching and team programmes have been successful?

We are absolutely dedicated to give you return on your expectations.Whatever the focus of the coaching or team programme, we gauge behavioural change, renewed energy and improved attitudes. We also expect enhanced working relationships - upwards, downwards and sideways - and more dynamic, engaged performance. 

3-point Programme Evaluation 

  1. Impact Network Survey. Our much-praised, personalised 360° programme to ensure support and engagement from hand-picked supporters - line manager, peers, HR professionals, reports. We like to run this at the beginning and the end of coaching intervention. Feedback is given in supporters' own names and conveyed to the client positively and tactfully.

  2. Reporting. While preserving confidentiality of every session, we can supply regular updates on progress to HR and line managers, including clients' own comments on their experience.

  3. End of Programme evaluation by client and coach, trainer or facilitator is supplied to HR and/or line managers.


    For more information about programme evaluation, please email us:


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