How our Executive Coaching Works

Rather than charging by the hour, our coaching programmes for individuals and teams are all inclusive of the following elements and are flexible according to need - there are no nasty financial surprises:

  • 12-20 hours of face-to-face, telephone or Skype coaching
  • Psychometric profile chosen to suit the client and his or her situation: MBTI, JCA Emotional Intelligence, TIP International Profilor, Hogan, McQuaig
  • Impact Network Support and Evaluation Programme (personalised 360˚ survey) 
  • Reports to HR and Sponsor if required
  • Three-way meetings to kick off and end each programme

Where do we Coach?

We coach clients where they feel most comfortable, and only ask that they are not within reach of the computer, mobile, tablet or any other distracting technology. It is important to remove the clutter of everyday interruptions.  We believe effective coaching requires head space as well as physical space. 

Our Values

At Impronta we hold our values very dear: honesty, collaboration, listening, awareness, support, challenge, laughter, mindfulness, excitement, inspiration, motivation and of course brilliant results for your organisation. Without these values, how could we even begin to make a difference?

We are committed to:

  • Working with trust and in collaboration with you
  • Supporting your leaders to stand out from the crowd
  • Creating what Nancy Kline calls 'time to think'
  • Encouraging authentic team relationships
  • Envisioning your future with the best possible coaching
  • Matching our people with your people for a true synthesis
  • Ensuring changed behaviours and attitudes in your organisation
  • Inspiring your leaders with a zest for success
  • Delighting you with fantastic results
Executive Coaching and Leadership Skills from Impronta

"Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean"

We are convinced that organisations that take their people development seriously will want to work with Impronta! For more information, email us:


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