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What Shall I Do About This?

Posted by Impronta on March 30, 2014

Think you use Logic to make Decisions? Probably Not!

Since the Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, the anglo-saxon approach to decision making has relied on 'logical thought', allegedly a dispassionate approach based on factual evidence, low risk and the likely outcome of such a decision. If you are a woman it is likely that at some point you will have at least heard, and possibly experienced the consequences of, the axiom that ‘women are not logical’, ‘they don’t think like men’ or ‘they are too emotional and don’t look at facts’. 

However, Elliot Aronson, author of The Social Animal and listed as one of the pre-eminent psychologists of 20th-century thinking, has argued that our response to any situation takes place in the emotional part of our brain. Our emotions are triggered long before our rational brain pitches up to take charge. According to some sources, over 90 per cent of our decisions are based on emotional response rather than logic. As well as checking out what we think about a situation, we also need to involve our hearts and our guts, using physical and emotional intelligence to influence our cognitive thinking.  

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