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Try our Leadership Feedback Programme - it's Personal!

Posted by admin on February 14, 2013

Coaching for your Leaders without the high price tag

Do any of these statements resonate with you?

  • We want our executives to lead more effectively and create strong teams
  • We've tried electronic 360˚ Feedback programmes but they have not resulted in lasting behavioural change
  • We’d love to use coaching for more of our people, but budgets are tightfeedback.jpg

If you answer a resounding YES to any of these, Impronta suggests you sample our very different and cost effective Impact Network Stakeholder Feedback Programme

 What’s different about it?

• Your executive picks up to six supporters in their ‘impact network’ or ‘ecosystem’ – that is, those they can trust to give honest, authentic feedback in their own name (not anomymously)

• We have developed a list of tried-and-test questions all geared to leadership qualities rather than management competencies. One of our coaches elicits responses to these questions from the chosen supporters, digging deep! They work face-to-face or on the phone/skype, not electronically.

• The feedback is collected and given to our client in the name of the supporter, except where an issue is sensitive. Our coaches are highly skilled in tact and diplomacy and in achieving great results.

How good is it?

Our clients are delighted with the rich quality of the feedback they receive. This is the response of one of our clients: ‘I have received many 360˚ reports before, some of them 50 pages long.  They have had little impact on my behaviour and were not that helpful as they were impersonal and I disregarded a good deal of what was said.  Impronta’s version of this exercise was completely different, focussing on my practical leadership and influencing abilities. As I result, I have developed more flexible skills and built better relationships. This has been great for our business and my confidence. Absolutely fantastic!’ (Senior Sales Executive, Retail company).

 How is the Programme delivered?

We have used our Impact Network Stakeholder Feedback Programme as an integral part of our Executive Coaching Programmes for many years. Because it is so effective, we have been asked to provide this as a ‘stand alone’ programme too. It is a truly great way of challenging your leaders to up their game. Do ask us for more details.

Contact us:  +44 20 8341 7785/ www.impronta.co.uk or info@impronta.co.uk