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Key Action Plan for Team Change

Posted by admin on May 1, 2013

3 steps to facilitate positive improvement

1. Have creative off-site meetings that do not focus on tasks but on how you work together. What could you do differently as a team to improve your working practices and morale? Think you don't have time for this kind of activity? You can't afford not to do it, and it will pay off immensely in renewed vigour and enthusiasm from all team members.

2. Again off-site, create your High-Performing Team wheel. Get the team to list eight
crucially TimeforChange.jpgimportant aspects of your work. These could be, for example:

  • Joint Vision
  • Leadership
  • Positive Working Environment
  • Market Knowledge
  • Creative Thinking
  • Mutual Support

or a list of qualities that would make your particular team high performing.

Divide your wheel into 8 wedges and score yourselves out of 10 for each wedge. The centre of the circle is 0, the outer edge is 10. Draw a line across each wedge at a level the team agrees.  As the leader, join in, but let team members control the process. Which are your high points? Where do you score lower? What is your learning as a team? What is your learning as leader of the team?

3. Now the team can create a practical action plan from their creative work. Address the Who? How? When? for the top 3 most important wedges. Have a follow up date to monitor progress and check feelings about change. Keep it up; change doesn't happen overnight.

Impronta runs a series of engaging teambuilding workshops that will inspire your people to deal with change while improving results. We incorporate psychometrics and diagnostics such as TMSDI or McQuaig, or MBTI surveys and focus on

practical action plans
...and change!

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