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Top Tip for Decision Making

Posted by Impronta on March 23, 2014

Ask a Friend!

There are so many models for making decisions, and many of them work some of the time. But occasionally making a decision can be a tough call, resulting in hours of soul-searching, long meetings going nowhere or a total mental stasis, and still that perfect solution eludes us.

Yet there are very few new decisions to make. Most of them, or something very like them, have already been made before by someone else. The psychologist, Daniel Gilbert, whose contention is that we rarely base our decisions on logic, but on emotional response, suggests that if you aren't sure what to do, a good option is to rely on experience –  and not necessasrily your own!

As long as you ask someone you trust - a colleague, another professional or a friend - theor decision is likely to be just as good as your own, maybe better - because at least it will be made.

Daniel Gilbert, Stumbling on Happiness.


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