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Coaching for Cross-Cultural Business Success

Posted by admin on March 18, 2013

The International Profilor  (TIP) – questionnaire and feedback. 

The world is getting bigger and smaller at the same time: Bigger - because there are so many more international business opportunities now within grasp; smaller - because communication is easier, quicker and multi-faceted. cross_cultural.png

With these increased opportunities comes the pressure to make the most of them.  Your organisation needs have the capability to gain the edge over its competitors in multicultural environments.  That isn’t always simple. All cultures have different values and focus in their working lives.  Whereas timek
eeping may be a very high value in North America, for instance, it may be of less interest or importance in South America. Or while Italians might prefer speaking their mind in a direct manner during meetings, some Asian cultures find that rude and embarrassing. The result can be a lowering of trust and cooperation. Meanwhile, the world of virtual teamworking has challenges all of its own. Your people need the skills to move quickly and with a sure step between environments, building harmony, rapport and excellent results. That’s where TIP can make such a positive difference. 

TIP is a robust tool that allows your people to assess the skills they need for international working 

How does TIP work? 

The International Profilor (developed by World Work) assesses 10 competencies with 22 associated skills, attitudes and areas of knowledge that define the special capabilities required to transfer leadership, managerial and professional skills to an international context.

The key features of The International Profiler are:

  • Web-based questionnaire for easy access and automated scoring.
  • Rigorous analysis of a person’s preferred way of working internationally which is compared with a rich database of 10,000 other international professionals.
  • Deep understanding of what it means to be successful in international contexts through a comprehensive set of 22 carefully-researched criteria.
  • Feedback with an accredited Coach who can work in partnership with the client to close any skills gap according to any specific international role. 

Who would benefit from The International Profilor?

TIP is suitable for a wide variety of individuals including all those who regularly work in multicultural project teams. Through TIP results your people can review and clarify their present international approach and extend the skills they need to be successful in their role.

 Answer any of these questions positively, and your organisation would benefit from TIP!

  • Does your organisation have managers or executives working across the globe in unfamiliar cultures?
  • Could they be more successful in creating positive teamwork in cross-cultural situations?
  • Do they have the skills to take advantage of the business opportunities offered by international working?
  • Are they handling virtual teams in different countries?
  • What about the home team? Are they diverse or multicultural?

Who facilitates The International Profilor Programme?

Impronta is proud to feature several TIP licensees among our Coaches and we have access to other licensees all over the world.

Is TIP affordable?

TIP is a cost-effective and time-efficient Programme that delivers:

  • Fast Coaching Solutions
  • Robust Development Plan
  • SMART Action Plan

Some examples of TIP competencies 

Spirit of Adventure. Eager to try out new experiencesAttuned.jpg

Attuned. Sensitive to non-verbal means of communication

Flexible Judgement. Keeps an open mind

Exposing Intentions. Clarifies the what, how and why of intended

New Thinking. Open to new ideas and ways of understanding        

Focus on Goals. Focuses on achieving objectives despite

Gathering Information. Takes time to find out about other cultures 

Range of Styles. Adopts influencing style to suit the audience


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