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Recipe for coaching success

Posted by admin on June 13, 2012

The right ingredients, mixed to perfection for great results!



We know that there are two ways for an organisation to find coaches. Many prefer to sift through individuals to find the right match - perhaps through recommendations, or chance meetings, or through a more formal application. Others prefer to take on a coaching organisation to manage the process from start to finish. There are benefits to both methods, and pitfalls too.  

Impronta offers your organisation the best of both worlds. Proud of our standing in the world of L & D, we invite only selected coaches to be represented by Impronta. To be one of us, coaches need to be well qualified and accredited by a recognised coaching body, to have had at least 250 hours of coaching experience, to have had considerable experience working within a corporate environment, to be able to give us testimonials and referees (we always contact them!) and to show a proven interest and passion in devloping individuals and/or teams. They also need to have a commitment to coaching ethics, a collaborative, generous pesonality and as much passion and dedication to results as possible.

We offer two solutions for your organisation:

1. A match of at least two appropriate coaches for every intervention, and leave the whole process to you and the coach to manage between you.

2. A Coach Management Service, taking responsibility beyond merely fielding coaches, to central invoicing, setting up reporting structures, three-way meetings, psychometrics and everything required to ensure excellent results. We stay involved until the coach leaves your offices for the last time.

We cultivate:

• the spirit of abundance
• collaborative working
• results-oriented interventions
• a mutually supportive environment

That's why Impronta coaches love working with us! That's why we love working with YOU!