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Special 'No Risk' Offer for New Clients!

Posted by admin on May 28, 2013

Try Out Our Top-Quality Executive Coaching

We know how hard it is to choose executive coaches for your organisation. There are so many to choose from, a wide range of fees, different qualifications and accreditations, varying models, not to mention coaches who come from different cultures and all walks of life - from counselling, teaching, business, psychoanalysis, to name just a few. Which of these persuasive, trained coaches should you let loose on your executives?

Let us take any possible risk out of your choice - and at the same time allow your people to experience two top executive coaches in action!


Simon Laws and Edwina Biucchi of Impronta have nearly 10 years' of coaching experience each.  Edwina is qualified at PCC level with ICF, and Simon is EMCC Level 7 accredited. We coach senior executives in a wide variety of organisations, in the UK, in Europe and in Asia. Our testimonials are impeccable, our client list awesome!


What does the Special Offer involve?

Most coaches and coaching organisations will offer a chemistry session between coach and executive to check there is a good match. At Impronta we go one step further. For client companies new to Impronta, we are offering a full-length trial coaching session for three of your executives.

How does it work?

We meet and you decide which executives would be suitable for Edwina or Simon. We arrange a coaching session at a convenient time.

Should your executives wish to go ahead with Edwina or Simon, then that coaching session becomes part of the overall Programme. 

Should you or the executive concerned decide that the match is not right, then there is no charge for the session and no further commitment on your side to continue.

How does an organisation qualify for trial coaching sessions?

All we ask at Impronta is that your organisation (new to Impronta) is seriously considering investing in coaching for your people and that the only thing you have to do is to choose the right coaches.  

We are confident that our mature approach to coaching, focusing on the results you want and a true return on expectations, will be a revelation to your organisation. All we ask is the chance to prove our professionalism to you in the same way as we have to so many other organisations worldwide. That is, coaching with our head, heart and guts!

 What happens now?

1. Visit our website (www.impronta.co.uk) and see our commitment, experience, testimonials, client base and models for coaching.

2. Check out profiles for Edwina Biucchi and Simon Laws

 3. Get in contact so that we can arrange a meeting with HR/sponsors to discuss logistics, fees and discuss our coaching in detail.

Edwina Biucchi and Simon Laws, Impronta