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Welcome to Impronta!

Posted by admin on April 19, 2012

I am extemely proud and excited to announce the inauguration of Impronta, a new company with a coterie of highly experienced coaches.

smaller_footprints_in_sand_dreamstime_xs_8858395.jpgIMPRONTA is the Italian for 'footprint'. I chose the name because I have an Italian background and because it sounds strong and impactful, particularly if you roll the 'r' as the natives do. And of course we intend to make our mark!

Impronta may be new as a brand, but as a collection of coaches and trainers we have a provenance second to none. Wherever your offices are based –  in the UK or internationally – if choose Impronta to support you, all you need do is ensure that the chemistry between your company executives and our coaches works well. All our people are chosen for their business experience across sectors, coaching and training qualifications, dedication to their own development, positive attitude and of course their ability to inspire all your people, whatever their level within your business, with the vision for improvement, development and change. That vision may be personal, team oriented or organisation wide because our Leadership Intelligence structure covers all the bases!

Building the Impronta community and our working model has been both heartwarming and intellectually stimulating. I have exchanged ideas with coaches and clients working in environments at home and abroad where communication, behaviours, ethics, politics and relationships work differently. In a world where international strife appears to be everywhere, it is positively life-enhancing to meet people who have used that opportunity to hold ambiguity, handle complexity and open their minds to a pluralistic society that is rich and exciting. That is the space where business can really take off, and it is a space that Impronta coaches love to inhabit.

Please take the time to find out more. See our new website, email any of our Executive Team and while you are browsing, have a look at the profiles of some the fantastic people who make up our Global Team.

Edwina Biucchi, Director and Principal Coach