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Leadership presence for women architects

Posted by Impronta on February 9, 2015

Be assertive, be confident and make waves 

"If I had wanted to be a caddy, I'd have joined a Golf club". 

Research into why women leave architecture by the University of the West of England back in 2003 (where this quote originates) showed that unfortunately sexism in the workplace (and not just on the building site) wore down the spirit of even the most talented female architects and meand they headed for an early exit from the profession. 

Alas, a recent article in The Guardian (13 January 2015) showed that sexism has not only not been tackled very well, but is in fact on the rise. Thirty one per cent of women interviewed for the Guardian piece had experienced regular (weekkly or monthly) sexist remarks or activity.  Perhaps not surprisingly, many women felt that the building industry did not take women architects seriously. This is not to say that sexism is prevalent in all architectural practices; it isn't, but the fact that it still exists at all means that the profession is not gaining the benefit of all its talented members; and nor is it consistently making good use of the different points of view women can bring to the urgan envrionment, to teamwork, to client relations and to communication.

To deal with this mismatch of talent and recognitiion in parts of architecture, women need to notch up their leadership skills. At Impronta, we specialise in helping senior women take their rightful position in the workplace, and contributing to the best of their ability.

Impronta's coaching programmes for individuals and groups of Women in :eadership will guide you through a process and support you to:

  • know your abilities and strengths
  • enhance your confidence in your skills
  • improve your impact and presence within your network
  • learn to speak and act with more authority
  • be clear in your communication
  • be visible in your profession

Edwina Biucchi, Director of Impronta co-leads workshops in teamwork and client relations for Part 3 students at the Bartlett School of Architecture.  She also works for indviduals and teams in architectural practices in London, supporting their business goals and leadership abilities.  She is a specialist leadership coach across many industrles.  edwina.biucchi@impronta.co.uk