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Is it worth coaching graduates? Yes!

Posted by admin on November 8, 2012

A case study of our work at Deutsche Bank

It was certainly a bit of a culture shock for a 51-year-old Coach (that's me!) to be confronted by a group of Y/Z Generation whose points of reference are Twitter and Facebook with the occasional foray into Wikipedia. I felt chastened that my own grasp of social media is less than firm. But my goodness - I have learnt so much from this group. executive_coaching.jpg

Deutsche Bank operates a comprehensive induction programme, covering both the technical and behavioural competences required of the Graduate Entry. It is clearly defined, evaluated at all stages, timetabled to the minute. Well done to Judith Roth who as VP takes reponsibility for this programme.

Perhaps I had some preconceptions, a little cynicism about the 'arrogance' of younger people who expect to rise to the top quickly and feel they know it all.  Not so here. I found only energy, great enthusiasm to learn and appreciation for my input. They were hungry for information, certainly ('just tell me what to do and how to do it') but there was also an underlying yearinng to know how that information would help them, and help others.

I would say after this experience at Deutsche Bank that coaching at this level has a lot to offer. Encouraging a graduate to take responsibility for their learning and development - with mentoring and coaching as well as training - really does open doors to their future success. The benefits of encouraging a  coaching culture at the beginning of a young person's career are also obvious. He or she will grow and the chances of needing 'remedial' coaching later on will be greatly diminished. 

Coaches should treat coachees - whether they are children, graduates, executives, CEOs - with the same respect and expectatio,  that they will develop awareness of themselves and others and become great managers of themselves and their teams.

Are you sceptical? Trust me - suspend disbelief and open the minds and hearts of your new Graduate Entry with coaching and mentoring. 

Thanks to Judith and and also to Nick Dunmore at MDA. You have both added to my toolkit as a Coach. 

Simon Laws