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Expect the Unexpected in Coaching!

Posted by admin on June 26, 2012

Coaching is not so much a process as an exceptional experience!

I was struck by an article in The Observer the other day by Tom Morris, Artistic Director of the Bristol Old Vic theatre, UK. He supports public funding and subsidy for the Arts for many reasons, as you would expect. In the course of his argument he explains:

"In my experience the most valuable encounters we have with works of art occur when we and the artist meet in a state of mutual uncertaintly...the purest bliss...comes when we are caught off guard, when we sense an insight we didn't even know existed."

Aha! I thought. This is just what happens in coaching, or at least in the best coaching. Although coaches work towards goals set either by the clients themselves or by their line managers/HR professionals, in the course of a coaching programme the most extraordinary things can happen. Goals that are set at the beginning of a programme may start to look less than adequate after a while, and there can even be Enormous Changes at the Last Minute (a book by Grace Paley that for me also brings coaching to mind). If you are entering a coaching relationship, the important thing is to keep an open mind, an open heart and a strong backbone – and be prepared to surprise yourself!

Edwina Biucchi

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