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Diary of an Olympics Volunteer, 1

Posted by admin on July 19, 2012

Our Coach at Large experiences London as he's never seen it before

Simon_in_Olympic_uniform.jpgI volunteered to help London 2012 and was appointed Head PA for the Irish Team. I am not Irish but that is a minor point. I am swelling with pride and patriotic spirit. The atmosphere is electric. 

The good news: I have a pass that allows me to access all venues at all times. I get to drive a rather nice BMW and can whizz down all those restricted lanes that are driving other Londoners mad. I am working with just the most amazingly enthuiastic team, headed by Dr. Sonia O'Sullivan, a sporting legend. 

The bad news: I am working as a PA (aka - I do anything and everything, including waking up athletes athlete who have slept in). I have been given a uniform very similar to those sported by McDonalds employees. Nothing wrong with that really, I suppose. You can judge for yourselves as here I am in all my purple glory.

I will keep you posted as to the action, but this week it appears to be: 'make sure all the televisions work in the Olympic accommodation' and ' No, hang on, one of our athletes needs to be taken to shop at ''Run and Beyond' as their trainers don't fit. Get in that Beemer and sort them out!'

Simon Laws, simon.laws@impronta.co.uk