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Building - a Business

Posted by admin on August 4, 2012

Workshop for RMA Architects, London

At Impronta’s workshop, entitled ‘Why would a client buy YOU?’,the Partners of RMA spent the day revisiting their client relationship skills and honing a new and exciting business plan.

RMA Architects is a multi award winning RIBA Chartered architectural practice based in Hampstead in North London, established for over 35 years. Their clients include top UK developers and housebuilders, housing associations, contractors, charities, community groups and private individuals. The team pride themselves on being client focused, and are aspirational. business_building.jpg

Here is an extract from the RMA website:

“We enjoy designing places and we enjoy making buildings. We enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for architecture with our clients and consultant teams. Our aim is to design schemes with an exemplary local environment, promoting quality of life, a strong sense of place and enlivened communities. Our clients trust us to act on their behalf, they come back to us again and again because we listen and act quickly on their instructions, we add value to their projects and we deliver on time and on budget by using efficient procedures.” 

Workshop Content

 The morning sessions involved exercises in Emotional Intelligence to understand the role of behaviour, body language, vocal tone and attitude in good client management. In the afternoon we moved on to defining the attributes of a High-Performing Team within an architectural practice. The most important of these, as pinpointed by the team, were:

  • Good communication – within the office and with clients
  • Attracting and maintaining quality clients
  • Efficiency
  • Knowledge and experience
  • Trust and Reliability

Partners then went to work in pairs on each topic.  The result was a firm action plan for the practice. This included ways to reinvent their meetings for better effect, creative but practical ideas for their business going forward and a realistic but firm timescale for reaching the goals they set themselves.

RMA  is a great team to work with. They clearly concentrate on ensuring a positive atmosphere within the office and developing junior staff. The atmosphere in the Workshop was open and inclusive, serious in intent, respectful of all - and full of humour.

 Feedback for Impronta’s workshop:

‘Thanks for your efforts yesterday, Edwina. Really interesting and some surprises too.’ Bob Macdonald, Partner, RMA Architects.

“We enjoyed our day with Edwina, it was useful to have a new perspective on our already close team. Edwina was flexible and responsive, allowing us to take the discussion in different directions to explore our own ideas, but was also focussed on ensuring that we achieved our objectives for the day. We learnt a great deal about ourselves and particularly our complementary skills as a team and we came away with a clear strategy to move forward positively as a business.”  Andrew Mortimer, Partner, RMA Architects 

For more information on RMA Architects, see their website: www.rmaarchitects.co.uk


Edwina Biucchi, Impronta. edwina.biucchi@impronta.co.uk