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Six Steps to Heaven

Posted by admin on June 26, 2012

"Please help me have a better relationship with my boss!" This is probably the most common issue I face with my clients during coaching programme. I do not underestimate the challenge!

My Six Steps to Heaven is based on my experience of being a boss of a multinational and being on the receiving end of CEOs who had their own way of working, which appeared unreasonable at times. I did learn to manage them, and here's how.

The secret is to use 'Positive Politics' - that is, understand the bigger picture. Your boss has to manage his or her own stakeholders and your support and understanding are crucial to that. They want to support you, but in the pecking order you are likely to come second.

The Six Steps to Heaven in Managing your Boss:

1. Understand their objectives and challenges. Ask them to explain what issues
    they face and how they need your help in delivery
2. Identify the they way they work: if they like short meetings, short updates,
    or one-page summaries, meetings over coffee and telecoms on a Sunday,
    just go with it.
3. Be flexible and adopt their work methodology to gain their confidence.
    Ask them about how they are feeling how you can help – they are human like you.
4. Above all emphasise with them and leave your own self behind in this initial phase
5. Its now your turn:

      - They have a responsibility for your development
      - Explain your vision and where you want to get to
      - Tell them about you, your values and drivers
      - Ask them to give you a plan for your development and when you can expect
        recognition. Put dates in your joint diaries
      - Never threaten, just negotiate your position

6. It's a two-way process. Drive your own agenda but only after you have
understood theirs. Take responsibility for your destiny but trust your boss to help you.

Simon Laws - simon.laws@impronta.co.uk