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Leadership and the Middle East

Posted by admin on May 22, 2012

We know the excitement and the challenges of working across cultures.

petra_smaller_dreamstime_xs_16479115.jpgThe challenges are daunting: managing resources that are focused on energy, mineral reserves and tourism, the prejudicial assumptions of the West about Arab culture and the ‘Arab Spring’, to name just three.

Of course, each country - across the Gulf and in Middle East States -  has a different local culture and we know how to champion this while recognising the Global Environment in which our clients work. The talent in the Middle East is still a relatively untapped reserve. 

We are working with the public and private sectors  to support their vision and ambitions. As leadership and development partners we support our clients to take centre stage. The key is to understand culture and history and then capitalise on it.

It's not about change, its about development and use of Emotional Intelligence and Cultural Intelligence. We are all the same at heart – sometimes the head makes us appear different.

My thought for the day: Prejudice appears to override culture and that is a sad fact, which we need to dismiss right now!

Simon Laws, Principal Coach, Impronta (simon.laws@impronta.co.uk)