Leadership presence for women architects

Posted by Impronta on February 9, 2015

Be assertive, be confident and make waves 

"If I had wanted to be a caddy, I'd have joined a Golf club". 

Research into why women leave architecture by the University of the West of England back in 2003 (where this quote originates) showed that unfortunately sexism in the workplace (and not just on the building site) wore down the spirit of even the most talented female architects and meand they headed for an early exit from the profession. 

Workplace Mediation Training

Posted by Impronta on February 6, 2015

Workplace Mediation Training with mediation specialists, CALM
(Confidential And Local Mediation)

Top trainers, discounted rate!

25-27 February and 2 and 3 March in Notting Hill, London

Fee: £995 (no VAT). 
*discounted from £1,400 if you book mentioning my name (Edwina Biucchi).

Take time to manage time!

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Top tips to free yourself from overload!

What Shall I Do About This?

Posted by Impronta on March 30, 2014

Think you use Logic to make Decisions? Probably Not!

Top Tip for Decision Making

Posted by Impronta on March 23, 2014

Ask a Friend!

Special 'No Risk' Offer for New Clients!

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Thought Leaders

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Are YOU one of them?

Key Action Plan for Team Change

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3 steps to facilitate positive improvement

Top Tips for Great Team Performance

Posted by admin on May 1, 2013

Tough times call for nurture as well as a push for results

Coaching for Cross-Cultural Business Success

Posted by admin on March 18, 2013

The International Profilor  (TIP) – questionnaire and feedback. 

Try our Leadership Feedback Programme - it's Personal!

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Coaching for your Leaders without the high price tag

Unlocking the Future of Leadership

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Leaders need a new approach for a new world