Despite all we know about how the body interacts with the mind to produce happiness, health and performance - in our pressurised environment it is hard to get our minds and bodies working as a team. We sit at our desks for too long, and this affects our joints, our muscles, our eyesight and our state of mind, producing fuzzy rather than clear thinking.

Our Physical Intelligence expert is Claire Dale of Companies in Motion, one of Impronta's valued Strategic Allies. An ex-dancer, Claire is very aware of the relationship between posture, exercise and a healthy mind. Far more than that, Claire integrates Physical Intelligence with Emotional and Commercial Intelligence, making Impronta's leadership coaching and training tangible and 'on the pulse'. (See What we do.)

Impronta Physical Intelligence Learning

In our individual and team programmes, tailored to your organisational needs, Physical Intelligence:

• Uses a planned and strategic use of movement, to reinforce cerebral learning
  and emotional intelligence
• Illustrates concepts such as response to risk, courage, shared leadership and
  barriers to communication
• Explores teamwork in a different and exciting way
• Enhances the learning of all our programmes
• Drives energy in change programmes
• Engages your people in a training that is energising, fun and memorable
• Improves the transfer of learning back to the workplace. Programme evaluation
  shows that physical learning sticks!

"Every passion, every emotion, has its effect upon the mind. Every change of mind, however slight, has its effect upon the body." Hazrat Inayat Khan

Presenting with Leadership Presence

For an inspiring workshop, choose our Strategic Ally, Nicolas Chagrin of Time2Act, a well known actor who has caught the imagination of many a Boardroom and team. Nicolas will help you grab the attention of your audience with your positive posture, your voice production and your charisma! For more information, write to us:

Focused Executive Coaching!

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