EI has come a long way since Daniel Goleman published Emotional Intelligence: Why it can matter more than IQ (1996). Yet it is still sometimes viewed as a ‘soft’ skill that is optional in leadership where toughness and cognitive ability are valued more. Evidence shows, however, that without EI, your leaders will not grow as effective people, your results will be affected negatively, and so will retention and recruitment. With organisational EI, you will be running an efficient, successful and happy ship.

Jo Maddocks of JCA, one of our Strategic Allies, defines EI briefly as follows: "it is using thinking about feeling (or feeling about thinking) to guide behaviour. Being emotionally intelligent is characterised by a combination of skills, attitudes and habits that distinguish superior performance from run-of-the- mill performance both in life as a whole and at work”. Essentially emotional Intelligence is made up of two parts: (a) Intrapersonal Intelligence - being intelligent in picking up what is going on inside us (self-awareness) and doing what we need to do about it (self management). (b) Interpersonal Intelligence - being intelligent in picking up what is going on in other people and between people (other awareness) and doing what we need to do about it (relationship management). 

Impronta Emotional Intelligence Learning

For Impronta, EI is the bedrock for coaching interventions. It guides a leader's awareness and behaviour and has a crucial impact on team culture, team performance and organizational success. For anyone who is promoted from individual contributor to a people management role, for example, EI is a great place to start.

• Individual or 360° versions of the JCA Individual Effectiveness survey
• Wherever our client is on the scale of Emotional Intelligence, the good news is that,
  once awareness is present, EI can always be improved
• Specific areas are addressed with exercises and activities based on real issues our
  clients are addressing, with their team, customers, line managers or with any
  individual or group he or she is required to influence positively
• An optional second survey towards the end of a coaching programme always
  shows progress, results and return on investment.

"Always try to keep a patch of sky above your life" Marcel Proust

Apply for a trial Emotional Intelligence online survey or find out more about our programmes, write to info@impronta.co.uk.

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