Are you running a global organisation? Is your team 'virtual', requiring regular teleconferences in sometimes difficult circumstances? Or are you running a team at home or abroad that is diverse in terms of nationality, culture, outlook, attitude, capability? Are you mindful that your customers in your geographies have different needs and show different buying behaviours? Answer 'yes' to any of those questions and you will be using Cultural Intelligence to ensure an effective and high-performing team that obtains great results.

The world today is both expanding and shrinking. Expanding,  in that we are now in contact with people from many different countries, religions, cultures, histories; and shrinking, because with modern technology the world is on our desktops, in our homes and having an impact on our own view of how the world works.

This download of information is certainly stimulating and exciting but for some of us it can cause uncertainty on a personal and an organisational level. 

 Impronta Cultural Intelligence Learning

• We pinpoint with your leaders the exact cultural issues that need to be addressed
• We work to foster self awareness, understanding and appreciation that different
  ways of viewing the world bring a richness to a team or organisation, whatever
  the apparent difficulties
• Our coaches are variously accredited in a range of cultural intelligence
  tools and methods, including Philippe Rosinski's Cultural Orientations
  Framework (COF) and WorldWork's International Profiler 
• We ensure that the results of any questionnaire become a focus for positive
  action and improvement and may suggest team programmes to allow issues to
  be addressed
• We evaluate the difference to ensure you achieve the best possible results

"Diversity is magic. It is the beginning of the differentiation of a thing & of simple identity. The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection." Thomas Berry

Impronta helps your organisation foster diversity, equality and enthusiasm for harnessing the difference in every team and every organisation. For more information, write to us:

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