What is Commercial Intelligence?

Your organisation, whether it is listed, private, public or non profit-making has established a vision and values that incorporate financial accountability to all your stakeholders. The finance team record and monitor the results, but all members of the leadership team share the responsibility for achievement of all financial and non-financial KPIs. These include ROI but may also include: brand perception, employee support and more general stakeholder performance measures. All the leaders in your organisation need to demonstrate commercial acumen

Impronta's Commercial Intelligence Learning

• An understanding of the financial drivers and financial reports of your organisation
  that link to your values and KPIs
• Support in understanding financial analysis, budgeting compliance and monitoring without
  trying to create a new finance team. We create a commercial leadership team
• Expert financial and behavioral coaching from our expert facilitators
• Return on investment in learning. We aim to create a measurable change in your
  commercial management.

"An amazing thing the human brain. Capable of understanding incredibly complex and intricate concepts. Yet at times unable to recognise the obvious and simple." Jay Abraham

Commercial Intelligence makes the difference to your results, your brand and your reputation. Find out how we can help: info@impronta.co.uk.

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