Impronta's superb experience, gained over ten years working across market sectors, is in delivering first-rate coaching-led, individual and team interventions. For those who want a full, integrated Leadership programme, we offer an extra special experience.

Our Intelligent Leadership Programme: Tailored for You 

I have developed a unique and exciting approach to Leadership that prepares your people for the complex and diverse working environment that is the norm today. However important sales targets are, focus on these is no longer enough to get, and keep your organisation to the top of your market sector, or to retain staff.  We call our approach Intelligent Leadership, because good leaders use their minds, hearts and guts to take their team to a new level.

Our Intelligent Leadership executive coaching covers Visionary, EmotionalCultural, Commercial, Ethical and Physical intelligence, everything that your executives need to become the great leaders they deserve to be and that your organisation can be proud of.

Encompassing a loose structure that is highly adaptable to individual and organisational circumstances, Intelligent Leadership really drills down to what matters to each and every ;eader and future leader in whom you invest your support.

"Winners take time to relish their work, knowing that scaling the mountain is what makes the view from the top so exhilarating." Denis Waitley

We are convinced that organisations that take their people development seriously will want to work with Impronta! For more information, email us:

Focused Executive Coaching!

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